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What Would You Do, Racism In An Upscale Store










You are shopping and you witness a person of color being harassed by store staff. Would you come to their defense?

Over 100 people witnessed this, but only 16 spoke up… what would you do?

2 thoughts on “What Would You Do, Racism In An Upscale Store

  1. pauline

    it is so sad that in the society that we live in such things occur, i hope this will be a lesson to many people, that do unto others as you would like them to do to You. The idea of supremacy of race, attitude and any other thing is devilish and wicked, For God so loved the world, He loves us despite our colour,race,creed etc, that is why we need to pray to be more like Him.

    1. Sophealthcare Post author

      You are right. Racism is still alive and well. Only a few people REALLY know how to recognize it and do stand up against it

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