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online counselling

What is Online Counselling/Therapy?

Online counselling/Therapy is a relatively new medium for offering personal support. Please note that this form of counselling is not recommended for just everyone and is not intended to replace face-to-face counselling or therapy especially if you already working with a counsellor or therapist.
However many find online counselling/therapy is just what they need to fit into their busy lifestyle and at the same time receive support for a variety of problems and issues.


Advantages of Online Counselling/Therapy

You can speak freely about sensitive or embarrassing issues.
You can engage in counselling/therapy sessions in the comfort of your own home or in a location where you have access to a computer and are able to ensure your privacy. Online Counselling/Therapy can be during the day or evening, at an agreed time to suit you and your Counsellor/Therapist.

It is easily accessible, especially for those who cannot, or choose not to leave their home to seek counselling/therapy. It gives you time to reflect on your writing and the responses given by your Counsellor/Therapist. You can also keep email exchanges from the online Counselling/Therapy sessions. With online Counselling/Therapy you don’t have to wait for an appointment, which at times can take weeks to arrange for private face to face sessions. Online Counselling/Therapy session can help those that feel uncomfortable about counselling/Therapy.


When is Online Counselling/Therapy not appropriate?

For some clients with complex difficulties, email counselling might not be the best mode of Counselling/Therapy. If you have a history of mental health problems, email counselling might not be appropriate for you. Also, if you are considering harming yourself or are suicidal it would be more appropriate to have regular face to face professional support (You can get immediate support from the Samaritans by telephoning 0845 7909090, Minicom number for Deaf people 0845 7909192). They offer 24 hours a day support.

If you are in any doubt confused about whether online counselling is appropriate for you please contact us. An honest outline of your difficulties will enable us to help you decide on the most appropriate means of support.


Types of Online Counselling/Therapy services we offer?
Type 1: We offer Email Counselling/Therapy:
This is a form of Counselling/Therapy that is conducted through the sending of email letters by the client and email responses by the Counsellor/Therapist. It provides you with the freedom to discuss the issues that are important to you. The Counsellor/Therapist will then respond with their thoughts and questions in an attempt to reach a mutual understanding of what is needed and how it can be achieved.
The frequency of the emails and the timing of the response will be negotiated between the client and Counsellor/Therapist.

 For more information Please  contact us  


Type 2: We also offer Instant messaging /Video /Voice Counselling/Psychotherapy:
Instant messaging Counselling/Psychotherapy is conducted via the internet at a pre-arranged time using instant chat messenger, through Skype programme.Chat with me

This online feature is an excellent resource for instant feedback which can be very comforting for clients.
Sessions take place in “real time” communication. It provides an opportunity for the client and Counsellor/Psychotherapist to interact and respond immediately via online text messenger. Communicating with a Counsellor/Psychotherapist online can be a tremendous support system during difficult times. You will gain a clearer understanding of your feelings and actions. You will then be able to make changes that will open up new opportunities with a more distinct way of thinking. This in turn, will result in a better quality of life.
Video /Voice Counselling/Psychotherapy: In Video/Voice Counselling/Psychotherapy, a webcam and/or computer headphones facilitates your online communication with the counsellor/therapist through skype program. Skype Me™!

Video/Voice Counselling/Psychotherapist sessions last for sixty minutes, and as with face to face sessions, they are pre-booked. In the interest of privacy and confidentiality, please ensure that only you and the counsellor can access the therapy sessions. Other people should not be able to see that you are using the service.

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