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World Malaria Day


Today is World Malaria Day…Invest in the future, defeat malaria.

219 Million cases of malaria are estimated to occur around the world each year. 660,000 death occur each year as a result of malaria, mostly in children under five years old .

But 50 out of 99 Countries where malaria occurs are on track to cut the number of new cases by more than 75% by 2015 -there is also a reduction in the death rate; where once over a million people died of the disease annually, the figure is now closer to 790,000.

Resource from WHO

Actions against malaria has helped to save lives of many from the disease. Much of that incredible progress is down to investment in effective methods of malaria control – including mosquito nets, anti-malaria drugs, education about the disease and training of health workers -across the world’s most endemic regions. But a child still dies every minute from malaria.

Help raise awareness of malaria… “achieving progress and impact” how will you be making an impact today?

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