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mother's day

On mother’s day I am always reminded of all those women without children (through death, infertility or through abortion) and all the children without mothers (through neglect, abandonment, or death). 
It doesn’t matter how old you are or how long you’ve coped with the emptiness.

I can only imagine that at this time of the year, when the streets, stores and television adverts send out headlines like “celebrate the mum in your life” that jolt of pain is bound to spring up inside you, reminding you of what you don’t have or what you lost. Not forgetting the guilt that may spring up and knock at the hearts of young ladies who committed abortion. 
The adverts being harsh reminders, bring up questions (of how and why) and the longing for a child or the mother you lost.
On such a day as mother’s day, I often wonder how you cope, how can you feel included and feel better. But then a thought occurs to me, God who created all knows all. He knows what will happen before it happens. God will never give you a burden to carry if you didn’t think you could carry it. Though the aching feeling may come up and the longing may spring back, look around you, you have become a mother figure to someone who needed one, a child to those willing to take you under their wings. Mothers come in various forms and don’t necessarily have anything to do with biology. 

Ideas to help you through mother’s day can be by connecting with all that they were. Celebrate their life, cook their favourite meal, visit their favourite location, sing songs that they loved, wear as many things as you can that they gave you, or that you bought for them,, look at their pictures and enjoy the memory of them. If your childless, remind yourself of how much that child, young man or young lady looks up to you, all the people that God has blessed you, and put under your wings. They too will be celebrating you as their mother. You also should celebrate their involvement in your life.

This is by no means, an attempt to infect people with sadness, but to let all those motherless/grieving daughters and sons know that we all remember you, to encourage positive thinking and honour you all.


HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY…. we honour and love you. [/box]

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