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 How can I be certain counselling/therapy is for me?

To assist you with this decision, we recommend that you attend a few sessions to get an idea about what counselling/therapy is all about. During these sessions, we will assist you in having a clear idea on whatever issues you may be dealing with, personal issues, relationship issues, self-development, career issues etc. Essentially, individuals usually seek counselling/therapy because of a crisis (past or recent), or recommendations from Doctors, families, friends or even colleagues.

What can I expect in my sessions

Every counselling/therapy session is different. This will be your own time and space, in a safe environment, to talk about issues you are going through. You are free to discuss about anything. Topics discussed will depend on what you want to achieve in life (your goals and needs). The therapy models used in your sessions will depend on how you wish to approach your issues, If you prefer to approach your issues in a more practical way, then cognitive behavioural therapy may be a good choice.


Who can seek Counselling/Therapy?

Anyone can seek Counselling/Therapy. A wide array of individuals benefit from it. Clients needing help with anxiety, depression (suicidal thoughts, social withdrawal, low self esteem), self development, life coaching, relationship issues (break-ups/separations, divorce, affairs, loneliness, jealousy, marital problems, wedding and premarital counselling/therapy), trauma (post natal depression, post traumatic stress disorder, sexual assaults, rape, physical abuse etc), addiction and substance misuse, loss and bereavement.


How Can I begin?

To begin, you can book for an initial consultation. Please phone or email for an appointment.

Our professional counsellors/therapist will conduct your assessment. If you prefer to use a specific counselling approach (such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, CBT, Person – Centred Counselling/Therapy, Narrative Therapy or Solution – Focused Therapy), please let us know. However, if you are not sure, our professional counsellors/therapist will select an approach that will suit your specific situation and needs.

How long will my Counselling sessions last ? 

Counselling sessions can last from 50 minutes till 2 hours. This will depend on the client(s) situations and needs. The number of counselling sessions needed, will depend on the individual and their specific needs or problem. Typically, we encourage you to begin with a series of 8 sessions, after which, this can be reviewed. Also, please bear in mind that, depending on the counselling approach being used, the number of session needed can vary. It can range from 8 sessions to several months or even years.

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